What is My Skin Type?

What is my skin type

Stop, before you purchase another skin product, do you know your skin type? Today we wanted to share with all our dolls the different skin type which are generally categorised into five types to make choosing the right product for you easier. Having a good understanding of your skin type is something we wish they […]

9 Habits to level up your masking game

face mask afterpay

Large pores, dry, dehydrated, breakouts, oily, blemished, dull, polluted, sensitive, stressed, ageing and problematic skin. We hear you loud and clear babe! We know all to well that sometimes a facial cleanser just isn’t enough to get the job done. As the old saying goes, beautiful skin requires commitment and care, not a miracle. Beautiful, […]

How we get glowing skin like a glamour!

how i keep my skin glowing

Since the beginning of time, from Cleopatra and her beauty secrets all the way to today’s babes there’s one thing we can agree on! Yes, we have always been united on the search to achieve beautiful skin. Sometimes we stop and ask, is achieving a flawless complexion even possible? As the old saying goes, beautiful […]

3 Hydrating Skincare Products We Are Loving For Winter!

sleeping beauty hydrating gel mask

Winter has a way of wreaking havoc on your skin. The skincare products you use in the summer might not offer the same hydrating power that you need as the season chills out. When the winter months arrive, making a change to your daily skincare routine can save you from the damage that these cooler […]

5 Reasons To Love False Eyelashes & Application tips!

happy girl with big false eyelashes

  If there’s one thing that no celebrity ever leaves home without, it’s their False Eyelashes. From TV stars to pop stars, it’s a luxury that most refuse to live without. Think you can’t enjoy the same beauty benefits as the stars? Think again. Here are 5 reasons why once you go false, your eyes […]